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Our Colour Products

Colour wise, the Wainwrights technicians 

choose to use Alfaparf for all the good reasons:

  • Perfectly even and smooth colour.

  • Up to 76% more colour intensity than other oxidative permanent hair colours.

  • Hydrated and flexible colour.

  • Extremely soft and smooth hair strands for easier combing.

  • Incredible shine.

  • We at Wainwrights just love it for its AMAZING results!


If you want that WOW bright feeling we use Goldwell Eleumen - It repairs the hair while coloring WITHOUT any need for peroxide or amonia, which means no ammonia odor.

Our team definitely love bringing the bright factor when it comes to colouring hair here in the salon. 

Screenshot 2020-08-13 at 20.05.18.png


Natural Hair Care

Because everybody's hair is different and needs different treatments, we use Insight hair care products. 

Their wide range covers such a variety of hair needs. 

  • Daily use

  • Anti-frizz, 

  • Coloured,

  • Volumizing

  • Dry

  • Damaged and

  • Sensitive

Our experienced technicians will use the appropriate shampoo for your hair to restore it back to its natural beauty.

also available to purchase in salon

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